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NTSU+ RBA - Ghost Bus Club

Original price £95.00 - Original price £125.00
Original price
£95.00 - £125.00
Current price £95.00

Redesigned in Italy by The Ghost Bus Club after the huge success of the NTSU

After listening to customer feedback the NTSU+ has slight changes and improvements.

  • More space for your coils
  • Improved fastening of coil legs
  • Easier to trim coil legs
  • Reinforced posts
  • Easier and faster to build
Color: SS

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Roy M.
It’s The Nutz

One of my top 3 rba’s and a full on flavour machine. For £100 it is a bit of a bargain considering how well made it is. Building it and wicking it is a breeze. If you can add the slam cap and you can get more eliquids in your Boro without diminishing the flavour. Top Notch stuff!!

Very good flavours and extremely simple to coil and wick

This RBA not only has very good flavours, but it is dead simple to coil and wick.
To coil, just centre the coil and tighten the screws. The coil is already in the perfect position!
To wick, just put a wick, put the cap on, flush cut and push back excess inside. Could not be more simple.
At this price point, this RDA is also a bargain