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USD RBA - Cloud Mods

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❇️Description and specifications of Cloud Mods USD (Up Side Down) RBA
The beginning of USD RBA was based on making something different, something unique, a novelty in vaping.
During the whole process of designing, prototyping and testing, we wanted to ensure that our project has the extra features that can actually boost the vaping experience.
It’s the first top-wicking RBA with 3 different options of liquid control pins. There are also 5 different air pins. That means there are many combinations of wicking and airflow that can help everyone find the best for every build!
We can easily go from MTL to DL vaping; space on deck, wicking and airflow can easily support it!
USD RBAs overall size perfectly fits in all OG Boros and most aftermarket ones, has a lot of space on deck for “heavy” builds, and still has a 4+ ml of liquid capacity in OG Boros.
Remember this is a new design, something totally different from the other RBAs in the market. Every user should take advantage of USD RBA's features and find the best built for his personal vaping style!
USD RBAs design was not easy to produce. We knew that. Most of the parts need 5-axis machining, precision and quality control should be close to perfection!
We already had great machining in our previous productions but this time we needed to step up our game! We wanted to support this difficult and demanding design the best we could!
That’s the reason we started working with a new partner, probably the best CNC machining company in Greece! They provided ultra-high precision in difficult 5-axis machined parts, strict quality control, perfect finish! We are extremely happy with the result of this production!
Alongside with top quality materials that we always use we have a product we are proud of it! All stainless steel parts are made of SS316L, all plastic parts are made of Black Ketron® PEEK.
Finally, we tried to keep a reasonable pricing for our product. Although 5-axis machining at this level of precision, strict quality control, extra finish, CNC engraving, quality materials, 3 different sets of liquid control pins, 2 different chimneys and five different air pins, all included in the standard package severely increased our production cost, we didn’t boost the price. Keep in mind that everything is produced in Greece, in Europe, using the finest materials and not in a factory somewhere far East where nobody knows the quality of production and materials!


❇️USD RBA specs:
• SS316L body
• SS316 screws
• Black Ketron ® PEEK insulators
• NBR o’rings
• 4ml+ e-liquid capacity in standard boro tank
Package includes:
• 5 airflow pins 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
• 3 sets of liquid control pins 2x1.5mm, 2x2mm, 2x2.5mm
• 1 extra chimney (shorter than the standard)
• Bag of spares
• Authenticity card